Latest Reflections

Analysis of Overture 26 on Political Violence

It has been my intention for since returning from this year’s PCA General Assembly to do a more in-depth analysis of Overture 26, which was on the issue of political violence.  Even though GA voted it down, I think that given the levels of polarization in the United States at the moment this issue is…

On the Spiritual and Non-Political Nature of the Church

I had indicated in my write-up on the PCA’s 49th General Assembly that I wanted to separately address Overture 26, the Overture proposed by Potomac Presbytery opposing political violence. My basic criticisms are twofold: 1) that I think the situation prompting the drafting of the Overture lent itself well to a rediscovery and restatement of…

On the Public Trust and the Abuse of Power

Listening to the January 6th hearings wa a reminder of how much government service is a public trust. In February 1999 I wrote an essay reflecting on the Monica Lewinsky scandal and the impeachment of President Bill Clinton. Abuses of the public trust foster an environment of cynicism that can be toxic for self-government.