Marburg University,
Where J. Gresham Machen
came to see the challenge
that theological modernism
posed to historic Christianity

The Judgment of God?

In ordinary conversations we talk about 2020 as a wild or crazy year; one could even crassly call it a “dumpster fire.” What is undeniable is that the scale, scope, and convergence of the problems we now face is well out of the ordinary. If we truly believe what we profess as Christians that God is sovereign and is actively involved in the affairs of mankind, then the conclusion is inescapable that these things coming to pass is a result of His will.

God, COVID-19, and Natural Woe

How are we to understand how God is working through this time of suffering and strife? If we cannot understand how God works in circumstances producing suffering–even without know why He is doing things–then it will be difficult to trust Him. In the end, platitudes cannot sustain us.

The Sack of Belgium, August 1914

Some historical incidents are significant not so much for what happened in them but for how they shed light on the convergence of disparate trends of a given period. One such event is how the German public responded to Britain’s declaration of war on Germany on August 4, 1914 for violating Belgium’s neutrality.

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